Step 1 - Choose your door

Our stainless steel footpulls are suitable for timber or aluminium framed doors. If fitting to aluminum doors, TEK screws are advised.

Step 2 - Check Door Weight

Although some doors may seem quite heavy to open, most standard fire doors vary little in weight and instead require a simple adjustment at the self closing latch found at the top of the door.  If this is the case, detatch the two arms of the foot latch and place the top bracket closer to the door handle (away from the hinge), so the angle between the top and bottom bracket has increased, therefore reducing resistance on the door opening mechanism.

Step 3 - Line up the foot-pull

A simple 2×1″ piece offers a perfect way to line up the bracket to the edge of the door. Place the bottom of the foot-pull close to the bottom of the door to reduce the need to raise the users foot too high.

Step 4 - Fitting

Using a screw-gun at a relatively low torque (level 5 is ideal), fit a stainless steel screw supplied into the middle pilot hole. It is recommended to use a regular hand held screwdriver for the final rotations to avoid the screw head from fracturing under high torque loads.

Step 5 - Ensure Level & Fit

Using a small level, ensure the bracket is perfectly level. Once level, install the final two screws using the same method.

Step 6 - Label

Place the supplied sticker directly above the door pull handle to ensure it is in the line of sight of the user.

Any issues? Just let us know.

If you are having difficulty installing our product. Feel free to call Eóin on 085 846 1782. He will be happy to explain and advise what best to do.